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What is a noob?

A noob is basically a newbie… a beginner, someone who is new to an area  of knowledge, or activity. In this case, a fishing noob is someone who is new to fishing.

Fishingnoob.com is dedicated to fishing beginners.

I’ve always liked fishing, but like a lot of outdoor activities, fishing is one of those things that your dad (or maybe someone in your family) teaches you. My dad is not the “outdoorsy” type. Don’t get me wrong, my dad is great. He’s taught me many things… just not anything having to do with sports or the great outdoors. Sadly, I made it all the way to adulthood before catching my first fish!

The first time I tried to get into fishing, I went to K-mart and just bought anything that seemed to me like it would be useful. If this is what you’re thinking about doing and you still haven’t done it, do yourself a favor and WAIT!  Buying anything before you have any idea of what you’re doing is almost always a bad move. Trust me. You will regret it.

I tried fishing with the stuff I bought at a few public places, but caught nothing. No one around me knew anything about fishing. That year for my birthday I organized a fishing trip with a few of my friends (also clueless) at a pay-to-fish site. I think one of us caught something, I remember it wasn’t me. Stuff came up in my life and fishing fell away.

Years later, when I decided to revive my lost hobby I was a little smarter. I read more this time, I bought some good books, and better gear, and I kept fishing even if I didn’t catch anything. Time on the water had to count for something, I figured, and it did. Eventually I got better; I started to actually catch fish and had a better understanding of different types of equipment and techniques. Fishing became less frustrating and more fun.

I started fishingnoob.com to document my fishing adventures, share information and hopefully help other fishing beginners catch some fish!

The more I learn, the more I understand that in fishing you will always be a beginner at some aspect of the game. Fishing is just too great
and too much fun to ever master! I might always be a fishing noob.

Go ahead… subscribe today and join me in this fascinating journey we call fishing!


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