Fish Anatomy

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Learning about fish in general is crucial to making you a better angler.

Most fish are cold-bloded vertibrates (meaning their temperature is regulated by their environment and they have a backbone.) They lives in either fresh or saltwater (sometimes both.)

Fish have gills during every part of their life cycle. They can breathe by pulling oxygen out of the water when the water flows through their gills as they swim.

If a fish has has any limbs (because believe it or not some don’t) they are shaped like fins. The body of a fish is, for the most part, covered with scales. Fish reproduce in different ways, but most female fish lay hundreds of small egss that are then fertilized by the male. The body of a fish is covered in a protective slime that serves to help it move more easly through water and protects it from parasites and disease.

General Terms

general terms fish

Fin Names

fin names


spines rays

Anterior Parts

anterior fish parts

* Note that the lateral line goes all the way to the tail on both sides of the fish.

Snout Types

inferior mouth

terminal mouth

superior mouth

Understanding fish anatomy terms will not only help you describe your fish intelligently with other anglers, but will also come in handy when I teach you how to clean one.

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    I love wish and have respect for fish,…..exept i don’t eat fish….

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    Like the article. It is really important to know about fish anatomy if you like fishing. Thumbs up for the post.

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