How to Remove Line Twist

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There a few ways to remove line twist if you should be so unfortunate to develop it. Line twist can happen to anyone. But, if it keeps coming back then something is not right. Take a look at this Line Twist Prevention post to diagnose your problem and prevent it. If its too late for you, then try one of these location specific remedies:

On a Boat (still water)

Take all the terminal tackle off the line. Feed out as much line as you can into the water (100 feet would be good). Drag the line behind your boat slowly, after a few minutes all the twist should be worked out of the line. Retrieve it slowly and keep a little tension on the line as you spool it back on the reel; pinch it between your forefinger and your thumb to do this.

On a River or Other Moving Water:

Take all the terminal tackle off the line, and feed out line into the river a few feet past the twisted part. Let the current drag the line out for a few minutes then reel it in slowly while keeping a little tension on the line (use your thumb and forefinger.)

On Land:

Find a grassy spot where you can let your line and it will get tangled or be abraded. Take all the terminal tackle off the line and slowly walk all the line out of your real. Returned to your rod and slowly retrieved the line while holding it tightly between your thumb and your forefinger to work out the line twist.

Tree Method: take all the terminal tackle off the line and replace it with a swivel. Type the swivel to a tree or nail it to a fence and then walk backwards allowing the line to spin off the reel. Every 10 feet allow some slack in the line to see if you twists. If it’s still twisting then keep walking backwards and letting more line out. You have left enough line out when you test it and there’s no twisting. Now slowly, while keeping tension on the line reel in the line and walk towards the swivel; the swivel will turn and take the twist out of the line.

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