Be a More Versatile Caster with the Sidearm Cast

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If you’ve read “How to Cast Your Spinning Rod” from the Beginner’s Fishing Guide series than you are already familiar with the straight away forward cast; it is the first and most important cast you can learn.

However, there are other useful casts that under certain circumstances can make the difference between getting that bait where it needs to be and not.

Let’s start with the sidearm cast.

When to use the side arm cast:

  • windy conditions, to help you beat the wind
  • overhead branches are making it difficult to use a conventional straightway cast
  • wadding narrow, tree lined streams that are prone to hang-ups
  • while in a boat with more than one angler (gives you more room to safely cast)

How to cast sidearm:

  1. Begin with the fishing rod held out in front of you, horizontal to the ground.
  2. Initiate a backswing and forward swoop similar to that used on the forward cast, releasing the line just before the rod tip points at the target.
  3. Finish the cast with the rod tip pointing at the target.

side arm cast path

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