How to Tie a Dropper Loop Knot

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A dropper loop allows you to put a loop in the middle of your line instead of on the end of it.

This knot is useful in the tying of multiple hook rigs or when trying to keep the hook off the bottom. Later, I”ll show you a good dropper loop rig.

This knot is used to attach hooks, flies, and sinkers.

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Step 1.

Make a loop in the line and wrap the tag end around the standing line 8 to 10 times.


tying dropper knot



Step 2.

Find the center of the turns. Pull the loop through the center turn.


dropper knot step 2



Step 3.

Put one of your fingers through the loop to keep it from pulling out, moisten the knot and pull both ends to tighten.


dropper knot finished



Knot Tying Terms

standing line: the part of the line that is not involved in making the knot; the part of the line that “stands still.”
tag end: the very end of of the line; the part of the line that is being used to make the knot.
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