How to Tie a Blood Knot

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A blood knot takes some practice to learn, but is very useful, both in spinning and fly fishing.

The blood knot is used to tie together two lines of similar diameter. Why would you want to do that?

To save money on line.

You will cast farther if your reel is close to full. Cutting off line because of snags and the changing of bait eventually leads to low line on the reel. Instead of stripping off the remaining line on the reel and refilling it, you can simply tie on more line.

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Step 1.

Lay the line parallel to each other so the ends overlap by around 7 inches. Hold them in the middle with one hand and wrap the tag end of one line and wrap it around the other line five times. Bring the tag end back to middle.

tying a blood knot

Step 2.

Pinch the middle down with your fingers, and with your other hand repeat the same procedure on the other side.

blood knot step 2

Step 3.

Push one tag end down through the loop in the center. Push the other tag end up through the center loop.

blood knot step 3

Step 4.

Moisten the knot. While holding the tag ends, slowly pull on the standing lines to draw the knot tight. Clip off excess.blood knot step 4


Knot Tying Terms

standing line: the part of the line that is not involved in making the knot; the part of the line that “stands still.”
tag end: the very end of of the line; the part of the line that is being used to make the knot.

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