How to Tie a Trilene Knot

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The Trilene knot was developed by Berkley for tying their Trilene monofilament line. It is a very strong knot when tied on light light, from 4 to 12lb test.

I find it works especially well on fluorocarbon line and leaders, preventing the knot from coming lose in the fight.

This knot is used to attach hooks, lures, flies, snaps, swivels and sinkers on fishing line.

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Step 1.

Pull the line through the eye twice, forming a small loop and leaving about 5 inches of tag end.

tying a Trililene Knot

Step 2.

Wrap the tag end around the standing line five to six times.

Triline Knot Step 2

Step 3.

Bring the tag end back to thread it through the small loop next to the eye.

Trilene knot Step 3

Step 4.

Moisten the line, and then pull the standing line to tighten. Clip off excess.

Trilene knot finished knot


Knot Tying Terms

standing line: the part of the line that is not involved in making the knot; the part of the line that “stands still.”
tag end: the very end of of the line; the part of the line that is being used to make the knot.
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