How to Tie a Palomar Knot

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The Palomar knot is is used to attach hooks, lures, flies, snaps or sinkers to fishing line. This knot is easy to learn, and very strong. Once you learn this knot, you’ll be able to tie in the dark or with cold hands.

Use this knot for monofilament line under 25lb test, as it can be too bulky for line any heavier than that.

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Step 1.

Make a loop with the line and pass it through the eye of your hook.

Tying a Palomar Knot Step 1

Step 2.

Use the doubled line to tie a large overhand knot.

Palomar Knot Step 2

Step 3.

Pull the hook (or lure/swivel/snap) through the loop.

Palomar Knot Step 3

Step 4.

Moisten the knot and pull on both the standing end and the tag end to tighten. Clip off the excess tag end.

Palomar knot finished

Knot Tying Terms

standing line: the part of the line that is not involved in making the knot; the part of the line that “stands still.”
tag end: the very end of of the line; the part of the line that is being used to make the knot.
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