What Fish Don’t Want You to Know by Frank P. Baron

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What Fish Don't Want You to Know

I love this book. Frank P. Baron is a joy to read. He has a witty entertaining style that doesn’t bore you as he imparts sound fishing advice through illustrations and funny anecdotes.


Learn to:

  • read water and weather
  • select correct baits for fish and situation
  • recognize underwater habitats and adjust techniques
  • master proper lure and bait presentation
  • know what gear is essential and which is desirable

This book and Freshwater Fishing Tips and Techniques together, are a dynamite package that any new angler would be smart to add to their personal fishing library.


Add this book to your collection?

What Fish Don’t Want You to Know By Frank P. Baron
Ragged Mountain Press/McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0071417141
Copyright 2004
Paperback, 176 pages
Non-Fiction: Fishing

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