Freshwater Fishing Tips & Techniques by Gene Kugach

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Freshwater Fishing Tips and Techniques

This is one of the first books that I bought when I first started fishing. The book is heavily illustrated with black and white drawings. Though it calls itself a guide, I find it to be a much better reference; I throw this is in my tackle box before I head out fishing.

On more than one occassion it’s helped me change to a more productive rig, or tie a special knot.

Included in this book:

  • general fishing tips
  • baits
  • rigging
  • presentation
  • fly fishing
  • fly tying
  • ice fishing
  • tackle
  • cleaning tips and cooking methods
  • fishing tips and fishing facts

It’s easy to read, even for kids, and will get you up to speed on the basics of fishing techniques without any filler. It’s a great little book, and something I’m glad I added to my fishing book collection.


Add this book to your collection?

Freshwater Fishing Tips & Techniques
By Gene Kugach
Stackpole Books
ISBN: 0-8117-2765-3
Copyright 2007
Trade Paperback, 240 pages
Non-Fiction: Fishing

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love that book! I’ve read it front to back

  2. LuisFisher Says:

    Thanks for sharing! I will buy it for my son. 🙂

  3. Jason Fisherman Says:

    That’s a great looking book. I am going to get this soon. thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Arya Says:

    You have provided some solid fishing tips. Will check the book tomorrow. kudos .

  5. Says:

    Freshwater Fishing Tips & Techniques by Gene Kugach |

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